3 ton Grip and Electric Truck Package

Our 3 ton truck package comes with 1 Light Ninjas driver. Their rate is not part of the truck rental


Isuzu NPR  HD

- ladder rack

- Int/Ext work lights

- Milk crate shelves

- clearance 12’1”


1 2k fresnel tungsten 

2 1k fresnel tungsten

2 650w fresnel tungsten

2 300w fresnel tungsten 

2 150w fresnel tungsten 

2 4x4 Kinos

2 2x4 Kinos

5 25’ stingers

4 50’ stingers


1 C-stand cart

1 4x4 cart

1 taco cart

1 Head cart

1 stinger cart


4 4x4 floppy solids

4 4x4 open frames

1 4x4 double net

1 4x4 single net

1 4x4 bounce

4 2x3 solids

4 2x3 open frames

2 2x3 double nets

2 2x3 single nets

1 2x3 triple net

4 18x24 solids

2 18x24 open frames

2 18x24 doubles

2 18x24 singles

1 18x24 silk 

2 42x42 shiny boards

1 6x6 Frame w/ corners & ears

1 6x6 Solid

1 6x6 Ultra Bounce

1 6x6 Half silent grid

1 8x8 Frame w/ corners & ears

1 8x8 Solid

1 8x8 Ultra Bounce

1 8x8 Half silent grid

1 12x12 Frame 

1 12x12 Solid

1 12x12 Light Grid

1 12x12 Ultra Bounce

1 Bag of scrap Duvetyn 


3 End jaw Cardellini

1 mid jaw Cardellini

4 Mafer clamps

1 Putty knife w/baby pin

4 Gobo heads (separate from c-stands)

2 40” Gobo arms

2 20” Gobo arms

2 Platypus clamps w/baby pin

4 baby nail on plate

1 90 degree baby nail on plate

2 12” Furniture clamp w/baby slide on pins

4 scissor clips w/baby pin

2 baby offset arms

2 chain vice grips w/baby pin

4 baby pipe clamps

1 Junior pipe clamp

1 Junior nail on plate

4 Junior to baby pin adapters 

4 Lollipops

2 6” c-clamp w/baby pin

2 8” c-clamp w/baby pin

1 8” c-clamp w/Junior receiver 

1 12” c-clamp

1 Speed c-clamp set

10 #1 grip clips

10 #2 grip clips

10 #3 grip clips

10 Safety chains

2 6’ speed rail

2 8’ speed rail

2 12’ speed rail


12 40” C-stands

2 20” C-stands

5 3 riser beefy baby stands

2 3 riser combo stand

2 2 riser combo stand

2 Hi rollers


1 4 step ladder

1 6 step ladder

1 8 step ladder


6 Full apple boxes

4 Half apple boxes

4 quarter apple boxes 

4 Pancake apple boxes

1 Crate of wedges

1 Crate of cribbing


5 25lb shot bags

8 25lb sand bags

8 35lb sand bags


4 Furniture blankets

1 Sledge hammer

2 30” Bull pricks

4 50’ Ropes

1 Spray Bottle

1 Squeegee 

3 traffic cones

Electric Add Ons

Complete your lighting package by adding any of the electric items to your order. Email us for quotes.


Arri M-18


200w HMI pocket light

K5600 Joker 400

K5600 Joker 800

JoLeko Adapter


Ari SkyPanel  S60

1x1 Bi color Lite Panel

LiteMat 2L

LiteGear LiteMat 4

LiteGear LiteMat 2

3' LiteGear Lite Stick

4' Quasar tubes


2k Tungsten Fresnel

2k Mighty Mole

1k Tungsten Fresnel

650w Tungsten Fresnel

300w Tungsten Fresnel

200w Tungsten Fresnel

150w Tungsten Fresnel

PAR 64 cans

PAR 20 cans

1k nook light

Barger 6 Lite

Source 4 Lekos


25' Stingers

50' Stingers

100' Stingers

1k Hand Dimmers

1k Variac 

300w Hand Dimmers

600Amp Dristo box

400Amp Distro box

100Amp Lunch Box

60Amp Snack Box

60Amp Bates

100Amp Bates

2k putt putt generator


22" Jem Ball System

Medium Pancake Chimera

Medium Quartz Plus Chimera

Medium Chimera 60degree LCG

Small Video Pro Chimera

Small Chimera 40degree LCG

X-Small Video Pro Chimera

X-Small Chimera 40degree LCG

12"x36" Chimera Strip

Mogul base Chimera socket

Baby Chimera Speed Ring

17" Mogul Base Lantern Lock

22" Mogul Base Lantern Lock

China Balls


Elation Scene Setter 24X2-Ch Dimmer Control Board

Luminair System with Mac Airport, Enttec ODE control module and Mac ipad Air2

Chauvet 6 Channel 2 x 2.4k DMX Dimmer Packs

25ft 3pin xlr cables

10ft 5 pin DMX cable

50ft 5 pin DMX cables

3 pin male to 5 pin female dmx adapter

3 pin female to 5 pin male dmx adapter


4x4 KinoFlo System

2x4 KinoFlos System

2x2 KinoFlos System 

If there are any lighting instruments that are not listed and you need, please let us know. We will make sure to accommodate your order.

Grip Add Ons

In addition to the to the 3 ton package on our truck, we have plenty of other grip equipment to rig the shot you need.


Modern Speed Rail Slider

Matthews Doorway Dolly

Mitchell Hi Hat


6X6 Bleached Muslin

6X6 Ultra Bounce

6x6 Half Silent Grid

6x6 Solid

6x6 Green Screen

6x6 Half Soft Frost

6X8 Single Net

8X8 Ultra Bounce

8X8 Full Silent Grid

8X8 Half Silent Grid

8X8 Quarter Silent Grid

8X8 Half Soft Frost

8X8 Bleached Muslin

8X8 Solid

8X8 Green Screen

8X8 Double Net

8X8 Single Net

12x12 Solid

12x12 Half Soft Frost

12x12 Light Grid

12x12 Ultra Bounce

12X12 Silver Lame


40" C-stands

20" C-stands

3 Riser Combo

2 Riser Combo

3 Riser Beffy Baby Stand

Hi Hi Rollers


Menace Arm Kits

Speed C-Clamps

4' Speed Rail

5' Speed Rail

6' Speed Rail

8' Speed Rail

12' Speed Rail

Baby Pipe Clamps


Message us here with a list of items/packages you want on your next shoot and we will get back to you with a quote.

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